Zeen Pima Cambric Collection 2024 | Zeen Winter Collection 2024 | Zeen Pima Cambric Collection 2024

Today fashionsjasmine.com is presenting you Zeen pima cambric collection 2024. It is comprised of women and girls dresses. These are specially designed for Winter 2024. This is the second zeen Winter collection 2024. Before this it seem that the zeen tunic collection was launched. It was famous and became very renowned. It was also a printed collection 2024 like this. You can purchase online from www.zeenwoman.com. Current collection is an inspiration by the sunlight, the awe inspiring architectural lines of Santorini and the ying yang of whites & blues. This collection is a blend of elements. There are subtle prints, short tops, and fresh colors that reflect the effortless lovely elegance of Greek Island. There are 10 individual printed designs. Each zeen printed suit is very identical from the other in printed patterns and color combinations.

There are enormous color combinations are used but the prominent that are seems to be appealing very much are parrot green and dark green, golden orange and light green, parrot green with white base, pink with ferozi, dark red and pink, sky blue with dark blue, light blue with pink and the last one is blue with off white. These color combinations are according to the needs and choices of women who give feedback to zeen. There is a great chain of zeen stores available all over in Pakistan and there are also many dealers of zeen are available. Here I am attaching a list of Zeen Stores and Zeen Authorize Dealers. You will be able to buy all the given dresses from these stores and authorize dealers on very reasonable rates. This Zeen pima cambric collection 2024 is very appropriate for this season. Here is given the complete photo album of zeen printed collection 2024.

zeen-pima-cambric-collection-1 zeen-pima-cambric-collection-2 zeen-pima-cambric-collection-3 zeen-pima-cambric-collection-4 zeen-pima-cambric-collection-5 zeen-pima-cambric-collection-6 zeen-pima-cambric-collection-7 zeen-pima-cambric-collection-8


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