How to Polish Nails Perfectly and Professionally

Today I want to teach you How to Polish Nails Perfectly and Professionally. I know you think that it is very simple and not important, but my hobby is to search for new nail polishing ideas and very often I notice that girls polish nails very roughly. Some time they get stains around the nails, sometime nails get bubbled of nail polish and some time there comes a ugly line over the cuticles. These are the small errors that make the nail polish ugly and amateur. All these little flaws make the nail decoration look amateur and ugly. If you want to polish your nails yourself at home, it is good idea but you must take some learning before do this so that you get beautiful and professional look in your nails polishing.

I am going to tell you that how do your own nails polishing perfectly in simple steps. Come here:

  • To start with, keeping in mind the end goal to have smooth surface of the nails you ought to accomplish that surface. You will require an orange stick and smoothing nail file. To start with, file the nails and push the cuticles with the orange stick.
  • At that point, set up the nails with a base coat, particularly when the nail polish is dim, similar to the dark one in the instructional exercise down beneath.
  • Presently take the color, which will be the essential one and pour one drop of the nail polish in the middle of the nail, close to the cuticle.
  • Utilize the brush and push the drop deliberately towards the cuticle, yet leave a little gap. This will make normally arched shape of the nail polish on the nail.
  • At that point swipe the brush down the nail, at the tip. Thusly you will cover the entire length of the nail.
  • Dip the brush again into the container of the polish and backpedal to the cuticle zone of the nail. Painstakingly cover the side of the nail.
  • Do likewise with the other side.
  • Wrap the tips with the brush as it is shown in the picture.
  • Lock the nail polish with a top coat.
  • Done!

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