DIY Shiny Black Nails Tutorial

Today your Friday is a free day on which you can spend a time to beautify your nails.

I have found a beautiful way to make your nails more beautiful. It is a new and easy idea that I am sharing with you.

It will take more time as compare to the other nail art tutorials. But it will make you more gorgeous as compare to the previous nail art tutorials.

Black color is always considered as a permanent fashion that is modern, vast and up-to-date. It is like in both winter and summer season. It became make-able with every type and color dress.

Let’s start the tutorial:

  1. Be sure to bring black manicure strips for yourself.
  2. Prepare and clean your nails like before you do. File your nails in any shape that you like. File so that there are no excess cuticle remained.
  3. Apply the black manicure strips on your nails by selecting the best one for each nail to be fitted.
  4. There is a flat side of cuticle stick. Use this to apply and smooth you’re the strips as it is mentioned in the tutorial photo below.
  5. When you done applying, you need to remove the excessive strips from your nails by filing it with cuticle.
  6. It is almost done, if there is anything sticky inhibition on your nails; remove it with 99% alcohol.

Enjoy having Shiny Black Nails.

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DIY Shiny Black Nails Tutorial by Fashion Jasmine